Dino Watch


There’s been quite a bit of coverage of GMOs lately. Mother Jones has been doing a great job. Some highlights:

  • Hog farmers have noticed that feeding genetically-modified corn reduces hog growth.
  • Organic farmers near land planted to GMO corn have lost their organic certification, since the wind-blown pollen from the corn contains synthetic nicotinoids, which are picked up by the soil tests.
  • Beekeepers are not amused, since the nicotinoids in the pollen affect the bees’ nervous systems, and their ability to find their way back to the hives.
  • And this just in: http://www.realfarmacy.com/40-tons-of-gmo-crops-torched-in-america-media-blackout/

One thought on “Dino Watch

  1. Hi, Terri. I’m so happy you are covering GMOs on your blog. I saw that article too, and was in awe. Torched? It mentions The Oregonian, so I went to read that. Guess what, nothing about fire there, it just talks about uprooted beets. It also mentions a radio program, and no-one has been able to provide a link to the recording. Someone tells me The Farmacy is not a good source of information, so I will not be reading it anymore. Some of us think Monsanto.is.trying to.distract.from the wheat issue and blame activists. I hope you had a good 4th. I spent it at the Harrisburg festival giving out info about what GMOs are and how to avoid them. I was hoping to do some writing, but didn’t get to: I was in pain…my legs and my back hurt really bad and I couldn’t get much sleep at night or during the day. I didn’t know anemia could do that. I’m feeling.better now after 2 B12 injections and a few iron pills. Then I got to garden a bit 🙂

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