baby rooWell, the garden was a disaster this year. The squash died, the Corn tasseled but failed to fill out, the brocs and kale perished in the heat, the dog dug up the cukes, the potatoes grew luxuriant, but only provided enough spuds for one party worth of potato salad. The beans finally started blossoming after Labor Day.

The habanero peppers, however, made up for it. Even the tiny starts that never made it out of their 4″ pots produced multiple peppers.

So I started sewing. And I seem to have invented something. I’m calling it Baby Roo, and it’s designed for moms with tots in strollers. One, there’s the hassle of lugging around a diaper bag while pushing the stroller. Two, there’s the issue of showing up at work with a distinctly non-professional-looking diaper bag, its pink and/or blue butterfly/flower/Hello Kitty motif announcing “Mommy Track” to all and sundry.

Thus the Baby Roo. Converts from stroller-mounted bag to large, handsome purse in seconds. I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out. Please go to, click on the parenting link, and dive down to the bottom. (The newer the entry, the further down it is. I’m currently about 5 clicks in.) Mouse over it and click “Vote.” If you’d like to comment and offer suggestions, they have a way to do that. Those who contribute to the refinement of an idea (The Community) get a cut of the profits, should the thing be successfully marketed.

You might note that little thing dangling from the Baby Roo. That’s a Bottle Koozie on its Bottle Keeper. No more chasing the rolling bottles your child drops when he or she encounters the next shiny object.