Snow Day Soup

IMG_1320 (2)It’s snowing, so it’s Soup Day. Here’s what I’m making. How about you?

Brazilian Black Bean Soup (Feijoada)

1 lb black beans, washed and picked over

2 qts water

8 cloves garlic

2 bay leaves

1 orange, cut in chunks

1 bottle spicy V8 (or regular V8)

salt to taste

Additional water as needed.

Bring water and beans to a boil. Simmer on medium high for 20 minutes. Let stand overnight.

Combine all ingredients except salt in crockpot. Cook on high until beans are tender. Remove bay leaves and blend. (Yes, grind up the whole orange, peel and all.) Add salt. Serve, topped with sour cream.


If you’re in a hurry and using canned beans, simmer until the orange peel is tender. The smaller you cut it, the sooner that will happen.

Spicy V8 is spicy. If you prefer something milder, use regular V8 and add hot sauce to taste. Don’t have any V8 lying around the pantry? Tomato juice, puree, or paste, canned tomatoes or tomatoes with chilis will do.

Pork is traditional in this dish, but optional. Either way, it’s amazingly tasty and sustaining, especially when paired with some nice, hot cornbread.

Summer Soup

summer soup

The woodstove heats the house on this chilly late fall day.. I rummaged in the freezer and found yellow squash, green beans, Roma tomatoes, a pint of blanching water from some vegetable or other. I put them in a big pot on the counter to thaw. Later, I added beef boullion powder, noodles, and a blob of pesto and put the pot on top of the woodstove.

An hour later, it was boiling hot and so delicious. Other than the noodles, boullion, and the olive oil in the pesto, it all came from our garden.